• Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-medium
  • Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-medium
  • Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-medium
Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-product
Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-product
Perfect Skin Program - 1 month-product

Perfect Skin Program - 1 month


The Perfect Skin program brings together 34 active ingredients that take a 360° effect on the imbalances of problem skin. It’s a true inner exfoliation that purifies, smooths and regenerates the skin’s tissue leaving it feeling clear and beautiful. 


TISSUE PURIFICATION: A blend of regulatory active ingredients comprised of wild pansy extract, known for balancing the PH of oily skin, and medicinal couch grass that detoxes the organs and stimulates digestion. These extracts are 6 times more concentrated than dry plants. Burdock root that is harvested in France, helps maintain healthy skin. 

ANTI-IMPERFECTION: The combination of protective active ingredients such as: grape extract titrated to more than 95% of polyphenols, a strong antioxidant used to protect the skin from external pollutants; and lilac chaste tree extract known for regulating the hormonal activity that causes skin breakouts. For optimal effect, D-LAB opted for vitamin B6, providing 100% of the daily requirement in order to balance hormonal disorders over the long-term and reduce skin breakouts.

SKIN SOOTHING: A combination of active ingredients composed of: curcuma extract titrated to more than 95% of curcuminoids, of which more than 50% is curcumin known for its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to a probiotic strain, L.Fermentum, that is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on the skin. The microencapsulated and patented probiotic has been scientifically proven to have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and purifying effect. For improved, ultra-powerful antioxidant action, D-LAB has selected a 100% natural yeast-derived selenium which corresponds most closely to the form absorbed by the body, as well as bioavailable microencapsulated zinc to improve the quality of the skin.


The formulas are composed of a selection of natural active ingredients that are naturally present in food. Plant-based capsules that pass through the stomach and are released in the intestines, where the active ingredients are absorbed. Cruelty and gluten free. 100% clean: natural ingredients that are naturally present in everyday foods without nanoparticles. Developed with NO GMO, NO irradiated components, NO preservatives, NO endocrine disruptors, NO Titanium dioxide, NO chemical solvents, NO artificial flavouring. Made in France, 120 22000 certified. Low environmental impact: jars made from 27% recycled products and infinitely recyclable, cardboard packaging sourced eco-responsibly, use of plant-based inks and printed at eco-approved “Imprim’Vert” certified printers. 


The Perfect Skin Program comprises 3 formulas to be taken at the same time. Take 2 capsules each at whatever time suits you during the day, for a duration of 28 days. The program is recommended for 2 x 28 days. It is not recommended for people who are taking anti-coagulant medication or for people undergoing thyroid treatment. These capsules may contain traces of fish and shellfish.


Ingredients in the Regeneration Activator : Grape (seed) - Vitis vinifera (3 g) - Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Stinging nettle (leaf) - Urtica dioica (160 mg) - Spirulina (alga) - Spirulina platensis (110 mg) - NAC - N-Acetylcysteine (100 mg) - Marine Magnesium (100 mg) 26% NRV - MSM - MethylSulfonylMethane (100 mg) - Vitamin C (60 mg) 75% NRV - Horsetail (aerial parts) - Equisetum arvense (46 mg) - L-Carnitine (40 mg) - Anticaking agent : Magnesium Stearate - Vitamin B3 (16 mg) 100% NRV - Coenzyme Q10 (10 mg) - Resveratrol (8 mg) - Vitamin B5 (6 mg) 100% NRV - Vitamin B2 (1.4 mg) 100% NRV - Vitamin B1 (1.1 mg) 100% NRV - Vitamin B6 (1 mg) 70% NRV - Vitamin B8 (50 µg) 100% NRV.

Ingredients in the Clear Skin Complex: Stinging Nettle (leaf) - Urtica dioica (400 mg) - Bamboo (stem exudate) - Bambusa arundinacea (400 mg) - Burdock (root) - Arctium lappa (200 mg) - Rosemary (leaf) - Rosmarinus officinalis (160 mg) - Gastro-resistant vegetarian capsule: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Lithothamne3 (algae) - Phymatolithon calcareum (45 mg) - Chlorella (algae) - Chlorella vulgaris (45 mg) - Vichy thermal salts (40 mg) - Anticaking agent: rice bran dry extract - Microencapsulated zinc (10 mg) 100% NRV2 - Vitamin B8 (50 µg) 100% NRV2.

Skin Detox Ingredients: Rosehip (fruit) - Vitex agnus castus (400 mg) - Turmeric (rhizome) - Turmeric longa (400 mg) - Quackgrass (root) - Agropyron repens (200 mg) - Wild pansy (aerial parts) - Viola tricolor (160 mg) - Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Vichy thermal salts (60 mg) - Marine magnesium (56 mg) 15% NRV - Microencapsulated lactic ferments: L. fermentum (50 mg) - Black Radish (root) - Raphanus sativus (50 mg) - Vitamin C (40 mg) 50% NRV - Anticaking agent: Dry extract of rice bran - Microencapsulated Zinc (7.2 mg) 72% NRV - Vitamin B6 (1.4 mg) 100% NRV - Selenium (55 µg) 100% NRV.

  • Details : Cosmetics items may not be refunded or exchanged
  • Made in : France

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