Daniela, Mother of Marlene and Martha

Kassel, Germany

Daniela is a mother of two who lives with her family in a beautiful, old home in Kassel. Her great passions in life are photography, interior decorating, the great outdoors, and, as her Instagram handle would suggest, flowers! Fresh blooms are dotted throughout her home, which is decorated in a careful selection of muted and blush tones. Mixing objects that are antique and modern with her floral flair, Daniela has created a home that is warm, inviting and full of charm, while still being family-friendly. Proud mum of Marlene and Martha, with Mother’s Day coming up soon, Daniela shares with us how the day is celebrated in Germany and what her family does on the day.

Thoughts on Mother’s Day
Do you celebrate Mother's Day? If so, how?

Personally, I don’t need this day [Mother’s Day] for myself. It has a certain tradition and I know that it was important to my grandmothers, for example, and that they were particularly attached to the idea of the day. 
 I love my mother very much - every day! Nevertheless, as a child I often gave her a small gift or picked some flowers for her on the day. Often, these small gifts were (and continue to be) crafted and prepared at school. Even today I call her [my mother] on Mother's Day or give her some beautiful flowers.
 I actually believe we should use every day to show the people in our lives how important they are to us (the same goes for Valentine’s Day). I don’t expect much from my children on the day and I’m not disappointed if they forget it. Love shows itself in the small moments, in everyday life. For me, it’s not something that can be or should be planned.

Do your children give you presents or handmade gifts on the day?

Sometimes my kids have made things for me in kindergarten or school, or left me small bouquets of flowers that they have picked themselves on the kitchen table on the morning of Mother’s Day. But as I said, I don’t need gifts to know that they love me.

How is this day celebrated in your country?

In Germany, Mother's Day takes place each year on the second Sunday of May and is an unofficial holiday in honour of mothers.
 In 1922/1923, the "Ehret die Mutter" initiative was launched in Germany, not as a political statement, but to revive the floristry industry. Even today, I think many bouquets are bought in support of the initiative.