Tessa, Mother of Mees, Polle, Guus and Keetje

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After having 3 sons, Tessa and her husband welcomed a little girl into the world: Keetje. The new arrival has not changed her favoured style: natural materials and soft colours. These two elements bring warmth to a room and create a calm atmosphere, so that everyone around feels at ease. Tessa likes unique pieces with a history. Her daughter’s changing table was a cupboard used in her grandmother’s shop many years ago. She takes time to select products carefully. Small brands and companies are her favourite. The same goes for handmade items. For Tessa, they last longer and have more value. Her favourite brands at Smallable: Wooden Story, Pénélope dolls by Happy To See You and Jess Brown rag dolls, Kaiser, Annabel Kern, Oeuf NYC, Charlie Crane, Camomile London and Smallable Home.

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