Steffi, mum of 2-year-old Liz

St Gallen, Switzerland

Ever since finding out she was pregnant with Liz, Steffi wanted a room that would be functional.
Now that everything is set up, she continues to change the décor regularly to adapt the room to her growing child. The aim? To help Liz to be independent. To do this, she wants to give her all the tools she needs. In her room, everything is designed to fulfil her desire to explore her environment. The furniture is low enough for her, so she can do things by herself. The bed is on the floor, the toys are kept in baskets, her books are on low shelves and she always chooses the activity she wants to do herself. What’s more, her room is constantly evolving. Steffi does her best to keep up with the newest ways to educate Liz and offer her a fun area to play, where she can develop her creativity.
Her favourite brands at Smallable are handmade, eco-friendly products with a history, by brands that help families like Oeuf NYC or Numero 74.
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