Indian Oasis

Lounging on a charpoy, dressed in linen, a chai tea in hand... It’s the sweet Indian summer dream that’s inspiring designers of all kinds.

This season, decoration, fashion, beauty and wellness are being inspired by the ancestral lands of India and aesthetics from the Eastern world. Take yourself on a calming, spiritual journey through Indian rococo terraces and plunge into a dreamy Garden of Eden.
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Terrace of The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach © Gal Meets Glam

Sir Winston restaurant by Laura Gonzalez in London Photo : Romain Ricard

The art of Indian hospitality has for a long time inspired creators and designers who, in their own way, seek to recreate the laid-back atmosphere of Indian terraces and palaces.

The charpoys (nap beds), linen cushions and oriental patterns paint a bohemian picture, overflowing with lush vegetation. These influences can be seen in London restaurant, Sir Winston, designed by Laura Gonzalez or in the exotic veranda by creator Marie-Anne Oudejans in Jaipur.

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Sir Winston restaurant by Laura Gonzalez in London Photo : Romain Ricard

Madame Stoltz - Available on Smallable

Terrace of Marie-Anne Oudejans in Jaipur
Photo : François Halard

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The art of table dressing remains a true art in India. Table services are adorned with abundant floral patterns, fine china and exotic birds that dance among the flavours, as well as traditional ornaments, a reminder of the decorative nature of Hindu living.

La DoubleJ Tableware Collection

Bitossi Home x Funky Table ceramic plates

Rouge Céladon

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Carolina Herrera x Cabana Tableware Collection

The botanical aesthetic extends even onto the walls, where it gives the effect of being truly submerged in a wild Indian landscape. A profusion of exotic flora conjures up images of an otherworldly, slightly antiquated place.

La Gare restaurant by Laura Gonzalez in Paris Photo : Jérôme Galland


Wallpaper Chao Praya by ANANBÔ

Papadoom Kitchen restaurant in Paris

There’s a renewed sense of importance being placed on quality and artisanship, marking the return of rattan and braiding. Internationally known for their outdoor furniture, Maison Perret & Vibert are inspiring an exotic, vintage look with their pieces that combine intricate scrolls and wickerwork.

More recently, rattan has made a comeback in a variety of colours and varnishes, giving it a modern retro-Scandinavian twist.

Mimi Cuddle Chair & Canopy by Lane Venture

Libellule sitting room Maison Perret & Vibert, Galerie Vauclair
Photo : Thierry Malty


Soho House Mumbai

Nothing inspires a designer like walking through an Indian garden in summer. From saris to kurtas, embroidered silk trousers, light cotton dresses in refreshing prints and distinctive artisanal accessories, fashion designers are adding their own take on traditional looks, breathing new life into Indian fashion.

This aesthetic revival is testament to the desire of Indian and international designers to reconnect with their traditional heritage.

Bode SS19

Nanushka Men FW2020-21

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Bode SS19

Nanushka Men FW2020-21

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Mehrotra bags

Tigra Tigra

Heer collection by Raw Mango

Far from Bollywood kitsch, the beauty industry is taking inspiration from natural traditions, pathing the way to a more holistic and gentle approach to cosmetics. Plants, roots and flowers are the principal ingredients of this “clean-beauty”, inspired by the ancient Hindu art of Ayurveda, and which is being adopted by brands such as Kama Ayurveda, REN Skincare or Agent Nateur.

Kama Ayurveda skincare

Essential oils Urban Outfitters

Magazine : IMIRAGEMagazine
Photo : @karen.rosalie

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Coco Loco by Amritam © Goodearth

Traditionally used in Hindu culture to perfume temples, the scent of flowers, incense and candles is being adopted by the wellness movement to promote the benefits of slower living and elevation through meditation.

Traditions from ancient Eastern medicine are being embraced to awaken the senses and to develop practices that soothe and breathe serenity into our way of living.

Urban Outfitters ashtray

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Yoga in the Himalayas, hedonistic retreats in Maharaja's palaces or a treatment at the water's edge... More than ever before, India is developing a tourism industry based around wellness, guided by spiritual attention and disconnection. This phenomenon has already been taken up by sportswear brands that offer specialised eco-responsible lines of clothing for yoga practice.

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Amanbagh, Rajasthan

Ananda, Himalayas

Yoga teacher Deepika Mehta @ deepikamehtayoga

Soul & Surf India retreat in Kerala @gabriellazagni

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