Our selection of green designers and products 

At the heart of Smallable, there is a passion for beautiful things. But we also want to work with brands that have an ecological approach and ones that respect both humans and the planet to ensure that we offer you the very best selection of sustainable fashion and design. We are proud of these choices, and while we know we are not perfect, we are sensitive to the engagement of our partner brands, and eager to highlight their work and commitment with our Greenable selection.

All products with a GREENABLE label meet one of the following criteria: 

Organic or GOTS-certified cotton   |   Recycled materials   |   Vegan
Organic wood from environmentally-managed forests   |   Vegetable tanning and dyeing
Natural cosmetics

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Our philosophy: Looking good, doing good

We have consciously chosen to focus on these criteria when picking products for our Greenable section, but there are many designers who aren’t in this selection who are working to build a more responsible production day by day: a social approach, an ethical commitment, support for humanitarian projects, the creation of evolutionary products that stand the test of time, a deliberately limited and reasonable production... We’d like to invite you to read the article below, "Our Philosophy", focused on their actions.
If you think we should include these brands in our Greenable selection, let us know! Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you want via social media.