Managing a list

How do I add an item to my gift list?

Adding an item is simple. Simply browse the Smallable site. See something you like? Click on the button "Add to my list" on the product details page and choose the appropriate list.

How many items can I add to a gift list?

You can add as many items as you like to your gift list.

Am I obliged to buy the items the contributors have gifted?

You are not obliged to buy the items chosen for you by your loved ones as your list works like a fund. You are free to spend this money however you want. You can order the items gifted by your loved ones or select something else on Smallable.

Are the items on my list guaranteed to be available? Are items gifted by my loved ones reserved?

As long as the items are not ordered, they are not reserved! We therefore advise you not to waste any time buying the items you really like. The Smallable gift list comes in the form of a fund, so even if an item is not available, the contribution is still valid. You can spend all or part of your fund at any time. If your items are not in stock, you can choose other similar items.

Can I buy an item from the list before the fund is completed? Do I need to have closed my list to make an order?

Smallable gift lists come as a fund; some or all of this amount can be spent at any time on any item on your gift list.
Your total fund will be updated in real time with your purchases and your loved ones' contributions.

Do items gifted to me still appear on my list?

Products gifted to you are signalled in your list. This way, one item cannot be chosen for you twice!

How can I thank those who have contributed to my gift list?

You will be notified of every contribution by email. You can thank your loved ones by logging into your account and going to the "Contributors" section.

Can someone without internet access go to your boutique or call up to contribute to my gift list?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for someone to go to the boutique or call up to contribute to a Gift List created online.