Creating a list

How do Smallable gift lists work?

Smallable gift lists allow you to give and receive gifts for any occasion: a new baby, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas and any other festivities you can imagine… You can create your personalised list online or in our Paris boutique, and invite your loved ones to contribute by sharing it with them via email or social media. It is created as a cash fund, which you will then be able to use in order to buy any item on Smallable and make the most of a range of benefits.

Why does the list work like a fund?

Like most gift lists and registries, Smallable’s gift lists work around the principle of a cash fund. When someone contributes towards an item or makes an open contribution, this increases the cash fund’s total. Products are not reserved or ordered based on these contributions. It is your choice how you use the contributions made to your gift list – either you can use the contributions to buy something already on your list or you can use them to buy any other item available on Smallable. The cash fund is only valid on the Smallable site for six months starting from the date you created your list. If when closing your gift list, there is money still left in your cash fund it will be automatically converted into a voucher, valid for one year from the date of closing of your gift list. This voucher will be sent to you via email once your list has been closed.

Do I need a Smallable account to create a gift list?

Yes. It is necessary to have an account on Smallable to create a gift list. This will allow you to manage the delivery of your items and take advantage of the benefits associated with creating a gift list. If you would like to add a co-editor to your list, they will also first need to create an account on

What are the benefits of creating a gift list on Smallable?

A unique choice: the most beautiful brands in the world.
Fashion, furniture, decoration and toys. In all, over 600 brands sourced from all 4 corners of the world.

Exclusive and new items
If a fashion or interior designer is revolutionising the world of children, you will probably hear about it first on Smallable.

Personalised service
They will be able to fulfil all your needs.

Can I create a gift list for someone else?

You can create a gift list for yourself or for a loved one: simply specify in your details whether you prefer to receive the gifts at your home or to send them directly to the person for whom they were bought.In the case that part of the fund is not used, it will be possible to transfer a voucher for that amount to the person in question. All you have to do is contact your adviser.

ARE there a limited number of gift lists per customer account?

No. On Smallable, you can create as many lists as you would like, for whatever occasion or celebration you choose.

Can I create a gift list from overseas?

The gift list service is available to everyone, regardless of location. However, please take into consideration delivery options, which differ depending on your country. Please be aware that unfortunately we are unable to ship voluminous products (such as furniture) to countries outside of Europe.

Can I create a gift list in your boutique?

Our boutique’s sales assistants would be delighted to assist you with creating your gift list online while you are in store. You can then manage and modify your list at home via our website by logging in to “My account.”  

I already have a wish list on Smallable. What's the difference?

Your wish list is made up of products that you would like to buy or gift in the near future. It is a personal list that you cannot share with others. You can only create one wish list. Gift lists are made up of products that you would like to receive to celebrate an event or festivity (new baby, birthday, Christmas etc…), and that you would like to share with your loved ones so that they contribute. You can create as many gift lists as you like. The gift lists are accompanied by an online interface where you can manage, modify and follow your list, which does not exist for your wish list. We also have dedicated consultants available to assist you with any questions you may have when creating and managing your gift lists.