Closing a gift list

How do I close my gift list?

It's easy. Once you have placed your order, simply click on the "Close my list" tab and follow the prompts. 

My gift list is finished and the items have been bought. Do I need to close it?

Closing your gift list lets your loved ones know not to make any further contributions. If you do not close your gift list, your loved ones may continue to contribute to it, until it is automatically closed six months after it was opened.

What benefits will I receive when I close my gift list?

If your contributions are equal to or exceed £500, it is our pleasure to offer you a gift voucher at the equivalent value of 5% of your total cash fund. Please note this voucher is only able to be used on your next order.

What are the terms and conditions to benefit from the 5% offer?

To make the most of this 5% promotion, your cash fund must be equal to/ or exceed £500.

What should I do if there is money left in my fund when I want to close my list?

If when closing your gift list, there is money still left in your cash fund it will be automatically converted into a voucher, valid for one year from the date of closing of your gift list. The voucher can be used on the Smallable website and in our Paris boutique.  The same conditions that apply to gift cards apply to this voucher.